Moving from past to present

Going with the flow is my nature. Floating on the wind, sometimes gently landing for a time to indulge in something that peaks my interest. I spend just enough time here before launching back into the stream of air lifting me to the next stop on my journey.

I’m more of a reflection type goal setter, what happened over the last twelve months - what about that do I want more of or to expand on.

The year started with pushing my limits in the outdoors, taking a AIARE 1 Avalanche Course, and skiing my heart out. Knowing my way around the winter landscape makes the cold winters much more engaging and brighter.

Spring sprung and with it time in the garden, planting and growing, tending to leafy friends in the backyard with April.

We had a witchy ceremony with crystals and good intentions for my dear friend Kates birthday. Friendship has been my greatest joy in the last few years. Deep, soulful connections with women who laugh and light up with each other. Many nights of karaoke, singing messages of love and friendship is music to my ears, even if its out of tune.

Even in Spring the winter joys can be found on sides of mountains. We skinned up and skied down Mt. St. Helens.

I got to take my two loves across the boarder to Canada. An outdoorsy adventure filled with steamy hot-springs and uncompleted hikes. The magic was in the turn around when the snow line was lower than anticipated - finding a key on the earth we picked it up and made the long journey back down to the trails beginning. We found a young couple jovially making their way down to the carpark. We inquired if they were missing a key, and sure enough it was the key to the car they borrowed from a friend. Its moments like that when you realize how much strife was saved by turning around, picking up the key, asking the questions. Small actions for the better.

Then I turned thirty. I love my thirties. It was a cosmic space age themed birthday party which has permeated into the theme of my life. Cosmic.

Summer rolled around and with it the spinning tires of my beloved bike events. I bounced all around Eastern Oregon. Several trips to the Wallowa Mountains in Joseph Oregon, indulging in the outdoors and doing my best to assist my wonderful cyclists on their journey.

I got handy and built a patio in my back yard.

Fall brought much change. Hindsight is twenty-twenty and I now see I was struggling with symptoms of burnout. Managing a business, finding balance, and general feelings of striving for something more, worrying too much about future stuff. I enrolled in classes at PCC with the intention of pursing Nursing School. Whoa. That was all encompassing and a total distraction from addressing what was really causing this need to change. And many times I have learned my lessons in the pursuit of something else only to realize I was on someone else’s path. I lost sight of my wants, dreams, and desires, and when I got my hands back on my original vision I could drift back to nourishing them.

I took the much needed three-week holiday to New Zealand. Even as I write that line I inhale all the sweetness of the adventure and exhale a smile. I feel lighter. Renewed and re-centered I move forward into this new year, taking with me lessons from the past and come away with this list to propel me through the winds of twenty-nineteen.

  • Go outside and go often

  • Give yourself to your friendships

  • Feel Golden

  • Nourish yourself

  • Go outside your comfort zone

  • Sit in hot water

  • Bake bread, Smell lavender

  • Love

  • Love

  • Love

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