whats different about thai massage?

Some things that are different from the table massage you’re used to:

  1. Theres no table. The massage is still in our beautiful treatment room, but the table is moved to the side and we put a supportive mat on the floor where you will lie comfortably during the session.

  2. You are fully clothed. If you are ever feeling uncomfortable about the idea of getting undressed for a massage this is a great option for you. Wear loose fitting clothing similar to what you would wear to a yoga class. This allows your massage therapist to move your limbs and stretch your body with ease.

  3. More movement. Your massage therapist will use their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to apply different pressure and stretches to your muscles. During some stretches your therapists creates leverage by using their own body to stabilize yours. With a focus on joint mobilization and increasing your range of motion there will be plenty of passive stretching during your session.

  4. Pain Relief. Massage can be deeply relaxing, but Thai massage has the ability to create deep change in your muscle tissue releasing tension, restrictions and leaving you with a lot less pain in your body.

Some people report that Thai massage can be painful, but I think that comes down to communication, same with regular Table Massage. Just let your therapist know if anything feels too deep or uncomfortable and they will adjust for you.

“I encourage my clients to try Thai massage – an ancient healing system involving deep compressions, stretches, and gentle passive movements to increase range of motion, loosen tight muscles, and improve circulation. It can leave you feeling invigorated or deeply relaxed, help alleviate pain, and generally leaves one with an overall sense of wellbeing.

-Monica Fong, Massage Therapist.

Photos By: Nic Raingsey