I have had countless massages over the years but, Miranda's massages are hands-down the best I've ever received.  Her technique is strong and knowledgeable, finding all the trouble spots and working them out with a skill I've never before experienced.  She does not give frou frou massages, but a true healing experience.  The results are immediately felt and long-lasting.  She also gives stretching tips to help the massage work last longer, which I find to be incredibly beneficial.  The euphoria created inside my body and mind stretches for many days, when many massages lose their effects within a few hours.  Her energy is positive, confident and relaxing.  Her prices are a steal for her incredible services and her studio is cozy and comfortable.  She puts you at ease and then blows your mind.  Once you've had a Miranda massage, you won't want to go to anyone else.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

-Kate G.

I've been to massage therapists all over Portland and have been more impressed with this service than I've ever been elsewhere. 
I have chronic headaches and pains in my back and legs. Getting massages consistently has helped with daily pain, sleeping, digestion and all over well being. I've been impressed with what the routine practice has done for my health. 
Miranda is great! She's attentive and listens to the words you say and what your body is expressing. It's not lip service when she asks how you're feeling. I've never had the same massage twice which is unreal! Every time the experience is different and catered to what my body needs. Definitely go see her if you can!

-Katie S.

Monica's Thai Massage helped me out a ton.  After years of accrued sports related injuries and cranky stiff muscles, Thai massage is the perfect wellness addition to staying limber.  Monica's technique is perfect and she creates a welcoming and supportive space to work.  Already can't wait to go back!

-Amy D.

At Waywest, you'll find more than just a massage... You will discover a new way of life. Miranda, Mariana, and Monica comprise the health team I choose to go with and would recommend to anybody who is interested in professional massage therapy.

The first time I was in a motor vehicle accident, Waywest made it SO easy to go through the insurance companies and get the care I needed fast. They really do care about helping me recover by increasing my range of motion, and decreasing pain. 

I always look forward to my sessions because these women are very knowledgable. I have learned so much about anatomy in general through their work.  Each with their own unique style, the 1 thing they all have in common is that they know exactly how to improvise and effectively craft each session to my specific requests. 

The benefit of going with Waywest extends beyond just the sessions themselves, too. I always see them on my phone or computer providing helpful self-care health tips - or even just reminding me to take a break from the screens and go stretch! So, GET INTO their blog, and start believing in the power of stress relief!

Oh yeah - and they do everything here by the way: deep tissue, swedish, thai, gua sha, cupping, hot stone massage, yoga, you name it...

-Wes Y.

Miranda is a healer in every way.  I first started going to Waywest to help with the healing process of a surgery.  My dr prescribed acupuncture as part of my rehabilitation and my acupuncturist recommended I visit Miranda to aid in my muscle healing.  The combination of care, along with my physical therapy, was just what I needed.
The care I received from Miranda kept me returning as a religious customer.
The best way I can describe it is:  I enter the space on Dekum thinking about everything I HAVE to do.  It is scheduled on one of my days off and like most people my to do list is extremely difficult.  I leave Waywest thinking about what I WANT to do.  It is crucial that we find a way to get to that point.  
I am eternally grateful for the care I get.  I feel heard.  I feel relaxed.  I feel cared for.
My side note would be that I am body sensitive and I have only felt 100 percent comfortable with Miranda.  
Do something good for yourself!  See Miranda!  She is an incredible ray of light and goodness!  She will heal your physical and mental pain!

-Gina L.

One of my best ever massages, as she anticipated where I needed the most work after a half marathon. Came away energized and ready to run again and the next day I wasn't even sore!!

-Donovan M.

My massage with Mariana was wonderful! The booking experience was very easy. I liked the massage space, it was beautiful and calm. I asked the owner Miranda a question while I was booking and she was very responsive, I felt like I was in great hands. Mariana gave me the best massage I've had in Oregon. I can't recommend this team enough!

-Sarah Kate N.

I highly recommend Waywest Massage if you're looking for a lovely massage in a bright and calm space. I've had appointments with both Miranda and Mariana and I would highly recommend each of them. With appointment times in the evenings and on Saturday & Sundays, there is plenty of flexibility with scheduling. Mariana showed me a number of stretches and gave me a few tips to manage tension in the weeks between massages which I really appreciated, too. Enjoy!

-Anne K.

I visited Miranda due to a sport's related overuse injury. She asked me thoughtful questions prior to the massage so that she fully understand what type of treatment I needed. The massage was great and successfully eased my pain and helped me recovery from my injury quickly. Highly recommended!

-Erik N.