Meet Mariana

I don’t want to give a standardized massage, a formula to apply to all clients.

 I want to hear about what you need the day of your massage. 

  • Do you want to conquer an old injury? 

  • Do you have an achy elbow but also your school finals are days away? 

  • Or, is relaxation the goal...

    If we work together, you communicating and me listening, we can acknowledge where you are and make space for change.

Our body is our oldest friend. When we strain one area, our muscles recruit their resources to keep us from re-injuring the area or from feeling weakness or pain. In time the body’s well-meaning support can cost us our natural balance and ease of movement.

My work is directed at your body’s holding patterns, letting them know that it is okay to relax, okay to share their work, and okay to be strong again.

Art in it's many forms has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  When I create a new body of artwork I research the subject, imagine a new interpretation and express this using my hands to create.  For me, massage has a similar creative element.  I research and continue to learn about the body and its many varieties, I imagine through the surface of the skin to build a picture of your unique structures.  Through my hands I work to create the change, relaxation, and restoration that you ask for.  

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