Members of the Waywest Team have traveled across the country supporting cyclists on the move since 2010.


Massage relieves muscle pain and tightness by stimulating circulation, helping you recover after extreme exertion and stopping spasms before they stop you from riding. Massage can be tailored to your pressure preferences and to the areas where you need it most. 

We've worked with thousands of cyclists averaging six tours each summer. Professionally we enjoy working with athletes and helping improve their performance. Personally, we love the experience of getting outside! 

We are passionate about living a life of movement and is inspired by the folks we meet on these rides. We work hard to make your ride even more enjoyable.  Please contact us about scheduling a massage during your bike ride this year!


Events and Tours we work with.

Cycle Oregon - Week Ride, Weekend Ride, All Women Joy Ride

Bicycle Rides Northwest - Oregon Bike Ride, California Bike Ride, Idaho Bike Ride, Montana Bike Ride

Seattle to Portland - STP

Lizard Head Cycling