We are here to provide an alternative solution for pain management allowing people to thrive in their bodies. 

Miranda Morehouse, LMT #18140

Miranda has been easing muscles and minds as a licensed massage therapist since the spring of 2011. With a calming demeanor, interest in anatomy, and desire to do good in the world, Miranda was destined for bodywork. She has an effortless and specific style of intuitively discovering the areas you didn't even realize were causing trouble. She reads between the lines of your muscles and provides a gentle yet effective treatment that leaves you feeling completely renewed. When Miranda is not working miracles in the massage office, she's outside working her own muscles. 

Professional Education and Experience

  • 800-Hour Massage Certification from East West College of the Healing Arts. (2011 Graduate)
  • Certified Chiropractic Assistant
  • Sports Massage Therapist on Cycle Oregon and Bicycle Rides Northwest, Seattle to Portland, and Lizard Head Cycling Tour.
  • 40-hours Manual Lymphatic Drainage Course
  • 20-hrs Structural Integration CE
  • Functional Anatomy Leg and Foot 
  • Cupping and Gua Sha CE. 
  • Thai Massage CE
  • Myofascial Release
  • Deep Tissue 

Sammy Stark, LMT #23457

I'm an Oregon native. Growing up here in the PNW quickly embedded deep into my bones a fiery passion for adventure and experiencing Mother Nature at her finest. I was thrown on a horse before I could walk, a snowboard by the time I was two, joined my local climbing team at six, and partook in a slew of other sports all through my teens.  The broad variety and sheer volume of activities I’ve partaken in have all contributed to my current yearning to understand more deeply how the body interacts and responds to its environment. It feels like my destiny to be a bodyworker.

           My massage style is a curious, winding, and ever-morphing river. Meandering through its environment, exploring its reaches and capabilities, while adapting to its path of least resistance. I also view my bodywork as a collaboration and often find myself incorporating your everyday movements in a gentler, more passive way, allowing the body to remember what it means to move pain and restriction free. I wish to provide a space of neutrality and ease in this hectic world and aim to work with bodies as they come in hopes of facilitating your path towards a more homeostatic way of being.  


Mariana Blackstone, LMT #21453

I don’t want to give a standardized massage; a formula to apply to all clients.   I want to hear about what you need the day of your massage.  Do you want to try and conquer an old injury?  Do you have an achy elbow but also your school finals or work deadlines are days away?  Or, is relaxation the goal...with no chatting and plenty of 90's R&B?  If we work together, you communicating and me listening, we can honor where you are and make space for change.

Sculptural art has been a passion for my entire life.  When I create a new body of work I research the subject, imagine a new interpretation and express this using my hands to create.  For me, massage has a similar creative element.  I research and continue to learn about the body and its many varieties, I imagine through the surface of the skin to build a picture of your unique structures.  Through my hands I work to create the change, relaxation, and restoration that you ask for. 


“Atomic Elbows!”

"I have been going to Miranda for over a year now, and I cannot adequately express how much she has helped me. She kneads, pokes, prods (and sometimes atomic elbows) all my aches and pains away. After I started seeing her once a month I was able to quit my chiropractor - I just didn't need the adjustments any more. You should make an appointment!

— J.C.

"I highly recommend Waywest Massage if you're looking for a lovely massage in a bright and calm space. I've had appointments with both Miranda and Mariana and I would highly recommend each of them. With appointment times in the evenings and on Saturday & Sundays, there is plenty of flexibility with scheduling. Mariana showed me a number of stretches and gave me a few tips to manage tension in the weeks between massages which I really appreciated, too. Enjoy!"

— A.K.

"Miranda Morehouse is a great massage therapist. Before I met her, I carried lifelong tension in my neck and shoulders.  I tried yoga, physical therapy, ergonomics . . . but nothing gave a lasting fix.  When I started regular sessions with Miranda, her skill with deep tissue massage helped release these tight muscles. My pain level diminished, and now after each session my overall relief lasts longer and longer. As a postscript:  Miranda travels with athletes during week-long cycling events in Montana and Oregon.  I admire this.  It must be hard work to ease cyclists' aches and pains along the road.  Yet she's also skilled at using the lightest of touches in a massage.  When an older friend of mine faced thyroid gland surgery and wanted relief from muscle stiffness, I referred her to Miranda.  I knew Miranda would be thoughtful and sensitive enough to apply exactly the right gentle techniques my friend needed at that vulnerable moment."

— M.R.

"I absolutely love Miranda. I have sent so many people to get massages from Miranda because she is one of the best. I have been going to Miranda for over a year and recently have been going to Mariana due to my work schedule. They are both really great and have 2 totally different techniques but both have helped me heal from serious injuries. The new space is wonderful, the location is perfect, scheduling is easy and convenient, she is always willing to work with you, and they take insurance. I couldn't be happier with Waywest Massage."

— K.P.

"I LOVE my massages with Miranda! I have been seeing her for over a year and cannot recommend her more highly! As a triathlete I appreciate every massage with Miranda, because she listens intently when I describe areas of tightness, but what is more amazing is how she can intuitively find areas that need a little extra work and focuses extra time on them. Her calm and positive energy makes every massage a fully relaxing experience. Miranda is the BEST!"

— J.B.

I've been getting massages from Miranda for a couple of years now. Her new location on Dekum is warm and inviting. As a massage therapist, Miranda has an intuition to what areas of my body need attention and then she works her magic. She provides both needed mental and physical relaxation. She is also amazing at sore and injured muscles for focused therapy session.

— W.H.

“Effective and gentle but expertly focused therapy.”

"I had my first therapeutic massage from Miranda during a week of biking through the North California mountains, and was amazed at how effective her gentle but expertly focused therapy helped me through that ride. Now in Portland, I again am enjoying restorative and peaceful therapy sessions with Miranda, and find her skill, knowledge, and professional yet friendly manner an ideal combination. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

— A. D.

“A true healing experience.”

"I have had countless massages over the years but, Miranda's massages are hands-down the best I've ever received.  Her technique is strong and knowledgeable, finding all the trouble spots and working them out with a skill I've never before experienced.  She does not give frou frou massages, but a true healing experience.  The results are immediately felt and long-lasting.  She also gives stretching tips to help the massage work last longer, which I find to be incredibly beneficial.  The euphoria created inside my body and mind stretches for many days, when many massages lose their effects within a few hours.  Her energy is positive, confident and relaxing.  Her prices are a steal for her incredible services and her studio is cozy and comfortable.  She puts you at ease and then blows your mind.  Once you've had a Miranda massage, you won't want to go to anyone else.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed."